Pyro Surprise

Set of casserole dishes made of Vitreous Bone Porcelain with a warm ivory colour.
The Pyro Surprise collection is composed of casserole dishes with handles of different measures and shapes, equipped with handles.

The stackability of the set offers a multitude of different combinations (casserole on a casserole, casserole on a lid and lid on a lid), allowing to optimize the space management.

It is a rich collection of porcelains suitable for cooking, roasting, baking, heating up, cooling down, freezing and serving on the table. The innovative and patented design of the containers/casseroles together with the lids, characterized by their purity, elegance and modernity, makes the products multifunctional. For example, the lid can be also used as an underplate for the casserole, as a serving plate or as a tray, in addition to its common usage. This is due to its functional design and to its rim/edge, capable of containing even less solid foods.

Pyro Surprise is also available in matt black colour, in small measures and with trays suitable for the presentation of Asian food such as sushi, sashimi, etc.

The Pyro Surprise range of products can be put in the traditional and microwave oven, they can resist temperatures as high as 230°C and as low as -20°C. They are also scratch resistant and can be put in the dishwasher, they have an interesting stackability and are space saving.

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